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Freedom Art Wellness & Yoga Mat | Karma Always (4mm, anti-slip, smooth finish)

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Our Art Mat Collection was designed with the wellness seeker in mind.

Created for all women who need a moment, the continuous and concentric circles gracing Karma Always, mat invite us to honor our continuous soul evolution and know that we constantly create karma through our actions, thoughts and deeds. This image is designed by Ubiomo Ibeamaka of Nigeria.

Our signature mats feature:

  • Soft, lush natural rubber, smooth, non-slip material
  • Mat strap included with purchase 
  • 4mm = Solid cushion = Greater stability & Knee & Wrist Joint Support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom & exclusive design
  • Suitable for studio transport or home use
  • Weight = 7 lbs.

Whether you want to just pause to breathe, do some movement, or journal, our dense mats provide a place for you to retreat and get grounded within your home.

Care: Damp cloth with mild non-toxic household cleaner.