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Freedom Art Wellness & Yoga Mat | Karma Now (4mm, anti-slip, smooth finish)

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**Lowered price due to style discontinuation.**

Our Art Mat Collection was designed with the wellness seeker in mind.

Created for all women who need a moment, Karma Now honors the lives we are living today, and each day as a result of our choices to date. This image is designed by Ubiomo Ibeamaka of Nigeria.

Our signature mats feature:

  • Soft, lush natural rubber, smooth, non-slip material
  • Mat strap included with purchase 
  • 4mm = Solid cushion = Greater stability & Knee & Wrist Joint Support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom & exclusive design
  • Suitable for studio transport or home use
  • Weight = 7 lbs.

Whether you want to just pause to breathe, do some movement, or journal, our dense mats provide a place for you to retreat and get grounded within your home.

Care: Damp cloth with mild non-toxic household cleaner.