What People Are Saying About The Mats & Journal (real people!)...

"I absolutely LOVE the yoga mat. It's in my favorite color and the extra cushion makes it so much easier to hold my poses! The guided journal provokes thoughts and ideas I hadn't considered and gives me the structure AND inspiration to keep me going!" 

Rebecca W., Sausalito, CA

"I absolutely love my mat; it’s very sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean. I always receive compliments when using away from home."

Dee-Dee P, Atlanta, GA

"As a working busy momager, I found the prompts in The Freedom Journal to help me think and deliver a message to myself in a short period of time. I like the physical size of the journal as it fits in my purse and it's relatively light weight. Thank you for developing an inspiring product!"

Kimberly B.M., Dallas, TX

"My “Freedom” mat is so well cushioned and the grip is great. As I continue on my journey to a tighter core, I sometimes lose balance with certain poses. However, THIS is the most security and comfort I’ve felt from a yoga mat. The gorgeous design and non-profit benefits are a big plus!"

Daphne D., Los Angeles, CA

"I love the journal because it allows me to freely think on a particular realm. Anne Murray said he talks to me, walks with me & tells me I am his own. That’s powerful it encourages you to think beyond the surface after deep meditation which is inspiring to me."

Jasmine S.,  Memphis, TN

The mat is wonderful! I’m happy that it provides cushion and support for my knees and hips, which are the reasons I have practiced yoga. It’s also good just for stretching before and after a workout. Very versatile!

Nokie W, Memphis, TN

I love my bright and colorful mat! It is comforting, sturdy and stylish.

Renee T. St. Louis, MO