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Towel_Freedom Art Wellness & Yoga Towel | Hibiscus Majesty

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Created for all women who need a moment, Hibiscus Majesty focuses on the majestic hibiscus flower for all its wondrous properties it offers the universe, surrounded by the royalty of the purple floral fantasy. This image is designed by Ubiomo Ibeamaka of Nigeria.

Introducing the Freedom Wellness Towel: Art Collection—crafted for the wellness seeker who values both functionality and style.

Our premium microfiber, anti-slip towel features four secure pockets to prevent bunching and shifting, ensuring you stay focused during your practice.

Designed to hold over half a gallon of water and dry quickly, it's perfect for a sweaty yoga session or a day at the beach. Soft to the touch and free of skin irritants, our towels offer unmatched comfort. Lightweight and easy to fold, this towel is convenient to pack and carry wherever you go. Whether you're taking a moment to breathe, moving through your practice, or setting up at the beach or park, our towels enhance your wellness experience by providing superior grip and absorption. With an artistic touch, our towels not only serve a practical purpose but also add a decorative element to your practice space. From deep backbends and mindful breathing to catching some sun and everything in between, elevate your practice with the Freedom Wellness Towel.

Care: Wash initially with colors. Additional washes with towels.